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Click here (Legit Combat Arms or LCA) is dedicated to promoting the Legit gameplay of Nexon's FPS game Combat Arms. They are a group of HARDCORE gamers, fighting for a hack-free gaming enviroment inside of Combat Arms. They shoot each other to pieces day after day while having loads of fun. Haven't seen an LCA room yet? Check out their website mentioned above. Get scanned and become part of this GREAT community!

LCA_GAMING____ room rulesEdit

These are the guidelines for our hosted rooms. Any of our room Mods may ADD (not Delete) from them as needed. Any infractions of the below listed rules are subject to immediate removal from the room by the room moderator.

  • No Auto Turrets, we hate auto turrets.
  • No AFK Players, if you do have to go for 30 seconds or so let the room Moderator know.
  • No typing in all uppercase letters (example: CAPS LOCK), this should be reserved for important reasons only.
  • No clan recruiting in our rooms, if someone wants to join your clan they’ll ask you.
  • No harassment, you will be kicked on sight if we see you have intentions of purposely hurting another user.
  • Use Combat Arms basic etiquette, NO – Hacking, Chamming, Crying, Complaining or Botting.
  • NO Shotguns are allowed and abilities are set to OFF during any LCA Hosted Room.

In addition, if you have been removed from the room for any reasons, (other than any type of cheating) you do have the ability to return back to the room. You will need to contact the room moderator and he/she will let you know if they are willing to let you return to the game.

These rules also apply for any LCA_RULES____ room. We are glad that members are taking the initiative to host unofficial rooms when the normal Mods are busy, but the Combat Arms community expects a certain experience when they see the LCA name. ANY deviation from the posted rules requires the use of a different room title. Please keep the LCA experience a consistent one. This list can also be found on the LegitCombatArms site here.

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